Working Group Structures in the Policy and Functional Layers

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Working Groups are important units of production in the Corteza project, each with a clearly defined purpose. All Working Groups consist of:

a) A Chair who has the casting vote in any tied decision by the group

b) A Secretary responsible for recording the minutes of meetings and key actions in the Corteza Wiki

c) Other members and experts who contribute to the project.

The purpose of a proposed Working Group must be voted upon by the Corteza Board in order to determine that it is not contrary to the public interest.

Working Groups may also decide to create Sub-Working Groups whose purpose is consistent with that of the parent Working Group. Creation of Sub-Working Groups does not require a vote by the Corteza Board. However, should the Corteza Board feel that the purpose of a Sub-Working Group is either not consistent with the public interest or its parent Working Group, it may retrospectively demand the dissolution of the Sub-Working Group or demand an amendment in its purpose to ensure consistency with its parent Working Group.